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Pensala - Uusikaarlepyy

since 1997




Finland`s largest christmas decoration museum Tonttumuseo and Dollmuseum

The Santa Claus, Christmas and Easter decorations, mechanical dolls and santa are the most unique attractions of our museum.

Welcome to the Santa Claus museum

We have various antique Christmas decorations.

We have various antique Christmas decorations.

Tonttumuseo, joulkoristemuseo, Tonttukylä Pensala Finland

Santa Claus Museum

K.A Weiste, Arne Hasle, Heissner and other old Christmas and Easter decorations. Elves, Santa Claus and Christmas decorations from the 1820's

Nukkemuseo, Pensala Finland, Uusikaarlepyy, vanhat nuket, leut ja nallet


French, German, Finnish old dolls, toys and Steiff's teddy bears are beautifully dressed in furniture at the time of the dollmuseum. In the doll chamber, the dumpling is made 300 years back.


Old shed 20 meters lång 7 rums

Old washing machines, Paper dolls, plastic dolls, modern dolls, mechanical elves, easter decorations in a unique 18th century environment.

Elf, Christmas elf, Doll Museum, Christmas decoration, old house


Cover charge / Children 1/2 price

Payment in cash. Prices are / per person

10€ / Groups of to 20-75 people

12€ / Groups of to 10-20 people

6,5€ / Coffee, tea, juice / cake

60€ / Guid / groups

Old dairy snacks, milk dips, old shovels, cart, milk dock, milk strainer, garden, garden decoration

Old tools in the garden

Open for groups

We are talking in Finnish and Swedish

Open for groups all year round.

easter decoration, christmas elf, santa claus

Easter decorations

Old easter decorations

Old cardboard easter eggs

Many different old Easter decorations, paper linen, witches, cardboard Easter eggs...

santa's house | Tonttukylä | in Santa's village
antique Christmas decorations, cardboard elves | Tonttukylä | Christmas decoration online store
More exhibition and work space for the wind
Rare antique Christmas tree birds
Santa's desk from the 1880s
Antique German Christmas Ornament Doll Head
Christmas party in Tonttukylä, the elves drinking coffee
Antique German Christmas ornament
Antique Christmas decoration dolls | Dollmuseum
Old plastic dolls | Dollmuseum
Christmas elf and Easter decorations
Christmas paper board
wood stove, copper pan, old chair, Christmas elf and coffee bag
Santa Claus Museum | Old dolls
Santa Claus Museum | Santa Claus
Santa Claus Museum | Mrs Santa
Santa Claus Museum | Santa, easter
wood heating old thing
Santa Claus Museum | sleeping santa
Santa Claus Museum | The litle santa
Santa Claus Museum |
Santa Claus Museum | Little santa
Santa Claus Museum | flower cart
Santa Claus Museum | Garden
Christmas tree, old christmas decorations
Santa Claus Museum | Flowers
christmas elf, clay, Christmas decorations
Santa Calus Museum | Santa and
Santa's desk
old christmas elves
old ceramic Christmas decorations
oil lantern and candle lantern
christmas elf reading in candlelight
santa claus drinking coffee
Santa Claus sleeps on a bench
Santa Claus sleeps in the stable
santa clauses and little elves
snoring santa claus sleeping in the stable
christmas elf, snow, old lantern
lauscha antique christmas decorations
Antique Christmas decorations Antique dolls and teddies Life in an old house.

Antique Christmas decorations
Antique dolls and teddies
Life in an old house.

11500 objec

Old Arne Hasle santa claus, christmas decoration



K.A.Weiste window light Christmas star vintage



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